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Banned or Chat Restricted League of Legends Players Won’t Get Season Rewards

Getting banned or restricted somehow in the 2015 Season of League of Legends will disqualify you from season rewards.

The issue was detailed by Jeffrey Lin, the Lead Game Designer of Social Systems at Riot Games through a rather unconventional channel, So while they are still working on similar details, here’s what they are sure about:

We are still working on the details for the 2015 Season, but the current plan is that players who have been Chat Restricted, Ranked Restricted or Game Banned during the 2015 Season will not receive Season Rewards in Ranked. Players who have had Low Priority Queues won’t be affected unless they have had 20 min Low Priority Queues.

Some of the League of Legends players among you might think it is wrong how this information has not been adequately shared with the community but fret not. Lin added that “emails and Player Support sites will be updated with this new info when we finalize the details.”

However, being banned for something like an overcharge on the account are a different thing as in the answer of another question Lin added that “bans for overcharges won’t affect Ranked Rewards.”

Are you satisfied with the rules and regulations regarding Ranked Rewards in League of Legends 2015 Season?