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League of Legends 8-Bit Summoner’s Rift Retro Wallpaper by Riot is Pretty Cool

Who doesn’t like something retro once in a while – its classy to say the least – so League of Legends developers are also letting you go retro with an 8-bit Summoner’s Rift wallpaper that has been specially designed for the fans.

Riot Games has collaborated with artist and worked on the colorful map that you can see below (we have added it there so that you can click and zoom in for a detailed look).

Apart from bringing back a feeling of the 90’s and 90’s era of gaming, this League of Legends wallpaper is filled with a lot of stuff you would love to find out while scrutinizing:

When we think back to 80s and 90s gaming, we think secret levels, Easter eggs and fun hidden all over the place, so that’s what we wanted in an 8-bit Summoner’s Rift. Scratch the surface and you’ll see adorable pixel minions traipse up and down the lanes among giant retro towers. Raptors, Krugs and Bramblebacks are all gloriously stylised. Even the dragon and Baron Nashor are getting in on the action.

Interestingly even after explaining so much Riot Games adds that you should “keep an eye out for more secrets hidden around the map.”

League of Legends 8-bit Summoner's Rift

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