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Grand Theft Auto Has Shipped Over 220 Million Units

Take-Two filed their form 8-k with the SEC this week, and one of the things they looked at was what has made them a success. With Red Dead Redemption still impressing with 13 million units sold, the biggest winner was still Grand Theft Auto.

As you can see from the form Take-Two mark Grand Theft Auto as the industry’s most iconic and critically acclaimed brand, and to be fair it is. The fact that it includes Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that has been released in different forms to build off its success has some part to play in that, as well as the success of Grand Theft Auto Online.


Looking at its other successes, the fact it has sold over 220 million units has to be seen is huge. 54 million of these units are from Grand Theft Auto 5 alone.

Grand Theft Auto 5 reached $1 billion in sales faster than any entertainment release in history. Would Grand Theft Auto 6 surpass this? We’ll have to see, whenever we finally get it.

Another success for Grand Theft Auto that is noticed is that Grand Theft Auto Online has continued to keep people invested in Grand Theft Auto as a game. It could be argued that the continuing growth in this area is where more profit could be made. We are yet to see any single-player DLC releases, which could come in the future. For now though it looks like Online is where Grand Theft Auto will continue to grow.

With such success it is clear that we’ll continue to see Grand Theft Auto grow in the future, in some form at least. It would be no surprise to see Take-Two push for a Grand Theft Auto 5, and Rockstar are obviously planning for it in the future.

What are your thoughts on the Grand Theft Auto Phenomenon? Will it stay as Take-Two’s top franchise? Let us know your thoughts below.