Black Ops 3 Gets New Map, Higher Level Cap and More Today

Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is currently in a closed beta on PlayStation 4. Those who preordered the game are checking out a slice of Black Ops 3 multiplayer and from the looks of it, feedback is mostly positive.

During a live stream, Treyarch announced that it is planning to add new content in the beta. The content arrives today and it includes a new map called “Stronghold,” Uplink Mode and more.

Uplink Mode was first featured in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and is similar to One Flag CTF from Black Ops 2. Users will be happy to know that level cap is also being raised to 34.

Reaching the highest level will allow players to unlock the following items.

1: Power Core scorestreak
3: H.A.T.R scorestreak
4: Reaper Specialist

David Vonderhaar announced in a post on Twitter:

As you already know, beta is currently exclusive to PlayStation 4 but will soon be available on Xbox One and PC. According to a previously made announcement, Black Ops 3 beta will hit both PC and Xbox One on August 26.

As for the final build, it will release in about 3 months time on November 6 for all major platforms, including last-gen versions.