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Battlefield: Hardline Robbery Expansion Weapons and Gadgets Unveiled, Details Inside

Following the announcement of ‘Battlefield: Hardline – Robbery’ expansion, Visceral Games has now revealed all the weapons, vehicles, and gadgets that will be available with the expansion.

The official blogpost notes that the weapons and gadgets are suitable for all gamemodes and maps, but are more suitable for the new Squad Heist gamemode. Moreover, some new tools for the Operator Class will render supporting one’s team easier with heals and suppressions.

Following is a quick rundown of everything to be included in ‘Battlefield: Hardline – Robbery’ expansion:

New Gadgets

  • CS Gas Launcher: for cops and criminal operators, gas grenade with extended range
  • Vehicle Passenger Healing: lets operators heal vehicle passengers

'Battlefield Hardline - Robbery' Throwing Knife

New Weapons

  • New Assault Rifle: a sci-fi looking for criminal operator class
  • MDC: a cutting edge rifle for the cop’s operator class
  • New Assault Rifle #2: another assault rifle for criminal operator class
  • Throwing Knife: a one-hit killing throwing knife with limited range

New Vehicles

  • Faction Pickup Truck: rough and tough trucks with plenty of room
  • Scout Helicopters: having no mounted guns, but swift and roomy

'Battlefield Hardline - Robbery' Helicopter

‘Battlefield: Hardline – Robbery’ is slated to release this September for all Battlefield Premium members.

Looking forward to playing the upcoming expansion or planning on moving to Star Wars: Battlefront or Call of Duty: Black Ops III?

Images Credits: Battlefield.