Zombie Army Trilogy Update Brings Left 4 Dead Help to the Fight

Rebellion have been teasing that something special was coming to Zombie Army Trilogy and today they revealed what it is. As well as a Steam Sale, some of Valve’s characters are coming to the game to aid the battle against the zombies.

When it comes to Value we all know who their famous zombie fighters are, the characters from Left 4 Dead. In this latest patch which will be coming to Zombie Army Trilogy eight characters will be added, these are Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis from Left 4 Dead, and Coach, Nick, Rochelle and Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2.

This will double the selectable characters in Zombie Army Trilogy as well as adding the novelty of being able to play the Left 4 Dead characters in the game.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring such iconic characters to Zombie Army Trilogy,” said Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion Developments. “As thrilling zombie shooters designed to be enjoyed with friends, Zombie Army Trilogy and Left 4 Dead share a lot of common ground.”

In celebration of the coming together of the two games, a Steam Sale will take 66 percent off the price of Zombie Army Trilogy taking the price down to $14.99 from its original $44.99. This sale will last between 1 PM ET, to 1PM ET Monday August 24. In celebration of the release Rebellion have also released a free comic by 2000 AD to explain why the crossover has happened. This can be viewed here.

Do you already own Zombie Army Trilogy and are looking forward to playing the Left 4 Dead characters in the game? Or will you be using the sale to buy it? Let us know your thoughts below.