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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility with Original Xbox Titles Could be a Reality!

At this year’s E3 the biggest announcement probably came from Microsoft when the revealed the Xbox One backwards compatibility program with Xbox 360 titles. What if I told you the program might also get extended to the original Xbox console!

Under the light of new found reports, that is indeed possible and guess what, the source of this information is nothing unofficial – it is as far from it as possible!

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox division at Microsoft himself has made a statement supporting this. On his official Twitter profile some one posed a “silly question” about how much work would be required to make the original Xbox titles backwards compatible.

Spencer’s reply was just we wanted to hear as he said “I don’t think it’s silly. I ask the backwards compatibility team this question a lot. Need to finish Xbox 360 backwards compatibility for now.”

That last part is the most important, it means once they are done with Xbox 360 they would probably want to move on to the original Xbox titles since Phil Spencer sounds really interested in the idea.

Imagine how much this would diversify the available games through Xbox One backwards compatibility! Imagine the gigantic list of games that the Xbox One will be offering to you then!

Oh and people are debating whether PlayStation Now can counter Xbox One backwards compatibility or not, want to pitch in?