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The Order 1886 Developer Ready At Dawn Working On “Crazy Awesome Things,” Staff Needed

Developer Ready At Dawn released The Order 1886 earlier this year and it wasn’t exactly what many of us hoped to see. The idea was great, the setting was awesome, but less focus on gameplay and more on visuals was the downfall of The Order.

However, hopes are high at Ready at Dawn, and they are currently working on some exciting new stuff at the studio. According to a Tweet from Andrea Pessino, developers are working on some “crazy awesome things.”

In the same Tweet, Passino asked interested parties to join their team, as they are looking for environment artists. This was further made clear by a different post by Ready at Dawn’s official Twitter account:

The second Tweet also provided links to job listings which I visited in hopes of a clue for their next project. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find anything but feel free to visit the links and check things out for yourselves, in case I missed something.

Ready At Dawn’s next project remains a mystery, but I would love to see a sequel to The Order 1886. Hopefully, this time Ready at Dawn will get it right, and I truly believe The Order can be turned into a massive franchise.