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The Internet Thinks Destiny Live Stream Contained a Hidden Message, Does It?

Recently, Bungie held a Destiny live stream on Twitch and an eagle eyed viewer spotted, what looks like, a hidden message.

Some images were shared online which showed this cryptic message at the bottom left corner.


Destiny (1)

The problem here is that the message is unreadable, which indicates that this isn’t a message at all. From the looks of it, the first two letters say “Surf Out.”

I can’t make anything out of the rest. May be if the image quality was better it would have been possible to make something out of it.

Destiny is getting The Taken King expansion in September and it is quite possible this message is related to The Taken King.

Another theory is that these are just esoteric scribbles, placed to entice mystery. If you have anything at all to add related to the story, let us know in the comment below.

The Taken King is coming out on September 15 and is available for preorder for $40.