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StarCraft 2: Automated Tournaments Are Live in Beta, Here’s How to Get There

One of the most requested features for StarCraft 2 has been Automated Tournaments, and finally the developers have worked on them enough to put them on and let you try the mode for yourself.

However, Blizzard Entertainment has clarified that bugs and glitches are to be expected just like more features are to be added later. That being said, we are also here to tell you how you can try them out, and everything else you need to know.

So first off go to the beta in StarCraft 2 and after logging in you will see a clickable button for Tournaments perched between Matchmaking and Custom Games. Hitting it will take you to the portal where you can check out and sign up for any of the tournaments that are currently being held.

Do note, however, that in StarCraft 2 Automated Tournaments you are being given two variations:

3-Round Tournaments:

  • Schedule: Monday–Thursday
  • Duration: Approximately 60–90 minutes
  • Format: Single-elimination bracket

6-Round Tournaments

  • Schedule: Friday–Sunday
  • Duration: Approximately 3-4 hours
  • Format: Group Stage -> Single-elimination bracket

Signing up to a tournament logs you in and keep you locked in as long as the tournament continues even if you log out – and you can enter one tournament at a time. Once the tournament begins you and your opponent will be allowed to veto three maps each.

Moving on, each match lasts for 25 minutes and “if the game reaches the 25-minute limit, victory will be awarded to the player who has the highest experience point value.” Oh and there’s matchmaking:

We’ve implemented matchmaking in Automated Tournaments in an effort to make it fair for players of all skill levels. Please keep in mind that the matchmaking experience may not be optimal due to a smaller player pool in the beta.

There are some more bits of information at if you want to know everything there is to know about StarCraft 2 Automated Tournaments.