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Scalebound Focuses on Bond Between Man and Dragon for Success

Scalebound had a successful Gamescom 2015, impressing fans with the preview that was shown. Talking to IGN about the relationship between the main character and the dragon, PlatinumGames have revealed some interesting things about the relationship between the two.

In Scalebound we play the game as Drew, with Thuban, his dragon companion. Creative producer Jean Pierre Kellams described the relationship between the two as being like Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars:

“There may be some instances where they butt heads; [Thuban will] maybe play some tricks on [Drew],”

On Thuban:

“There is a side to his personality where he’s not always the noble dragon you’d expect him to be,” Kamiya said. “But, slowly, there is this mutual understanding that they have for each other. And that’s when the bond is strengthened, and they come to understand each other in that way.”

On Drew:

“Drew to me as a character, is how…a lot of people feel in their early ’20s,” Kellams explained. “[He’s] invincible, but vulnerable. Drew’s in that place in his life, and he’s had a lot of things that have happened to him that have alienated him from the world and the situations around him.”

The most important thing about the relationship between the two is the bond that is created:

“In terms of how that relationship will play out in game, for example; you will eventually be able to ride Thuban. The stronger the bond develops and the more the understanding between the two characters are strengthened, they’ll be able to interact in a way that they understand each other,” he explained. “And so, throughout that sort of progression, you’ll be able to definitely see how the characters play off of each other, and how things that you weren’t necessarily able to do earlier on might be something that you can do later on in the game.”

So, friendship and alienation are to be important themes in Scalebound and are the key to success for Drew and Thuban.

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