Relive the Entire Metal Gear Solid Legacy in This Awesome E3 Trailer Playlist

In the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima is widely regarded as a legendary developer, and will always be remembered by the immensely successful Metal Gear franchise.

If you’re a veteran Metal Gear fan like me, you probably still adore the original Metal Gear Solid (and perhaps even the Metal Gear games before), and the emotionally purging Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Hell, you probably adore the entire series, but those classic games still have a special place in your heart.

One such veteran fan of the series (YouTuber ComboBr34k3r) has been kind enough to create a playlist containing the entire set of all Metal Gear Solid E3 trailers. Yes, we’re talking about trailers that were released 19 years ago, all the way to as recently as the ones revealed this year.

These 17 trailers cover all the Metal Gear Solid games, and also include the Metal Gear Rising spin-offs. Well, no lame scribbling can truly do justice to these set of trailers, so spare around an hour and watch for yourself.