Plan a Bit Sensibly Before Tackling the Darkspawn Faction in Dragon Age Inquisition

In order to truly up the challenge and encourage tactical team play in Dragon Age Inquisition, BioWare has added Darkspawn as an opposing faction in the game’s multiplayer.

The objective of this decision is to offer something that even veteran fans will need discipline and tactical astuteness to overcome.

The announcement came on their official website, with the developers telling us of how the Darkspawn will have certain abilities that would make them a true threat.

“They certainly have a more physical presence: large wall-like shields and spiked armor. They can withstand more punishment and certainly dish it back just as hard. The darkspawn faction really is about counter-play.”

In addition to the news itself, BioWare released a clever trailer of how you should not be tackling the Darkspawn as a team. Watch it for yourself, and make sure some of your cocky teammates have a look too before you decide to tackle the demonic creatures.

We expect some more additional content for Dragon Age Inquisition to be launched in the coming months, but it is clear that it will ultimately come to a halt, as the story-driven game’s ending narrative suggested that a sequel is already in the works.