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Kojima Working on Metal Gear Solid V Launch Trailer, Will be “Hand Made w/ Sweet Memories”

Just recently, Kojima took to Twitter and shared an image showing a display with Sept.1 release date on it. Along with the Tweet, Kojima mentioned spending a lot of time in the editing room, which led many to believe that Kojima is working on the MGS V launch trailer.

Well, he is. But that is not the news here, Kojima has shared another Tweet that mentioned the new trailer being hand made with sweet memories.

The question here is, what sweet memories? Well, we were already given a brief video of MGS’ evolution which definitely brought back some awesome memories.

Could it be possible that video was just a teaser of the full trailer? For now, Kojima is yet to reveal the time and date for the arrival of new footage, but we’ll let you as soon as that information is shared.

Metal Gear Solid V will shed light on some of the biggest mysteries of the series, questions are going to be answered and finally, the saga will come to an end.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is hitting shelves on September 1 for all major platforms. Unfortunately, it was announced earlier that PC users won’t have the preload option.

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