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In-Game Content From DriveClub Might Appear in Rocket League

Rocket League has emerged as one of the best games of 2015 and honestly, I can’t stop playing it. Something similar is the case with DriveClub, I couldn’t stop playing it, but after it was fixed.

Now, imagine my excitement when I came to know that DriveClub inspired content might be making an appearance in Rocket League. Nothing is confirmed yet, hence the use of word “might,” but indications are positive.

Rocket League recently thanked other developers for letting them use in-game items from their games in Rocket League:

The Tweet received a reply from non-other than Paul Rustchynsky from Evolution Studios, the developer behind PS4 exclusive DriveClub:

Thomas Silloway, Project Lead on Rocket League at Psyonix, added to the conversation and said:

It would definitely be interesting to see DriveClub crashing the Rocket League party, wouldn’t it? Rocket League is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Would you like to see DriveClub inspired content in Rocket League?