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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Single Player Won’t be 1080p/60FPS

With Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the updates for the visuals for the Xbox One, one thing people have wanted to have confirmed is if it will be 1080p/60FPS. It appears we have the answer from Rob Fergusson Studio Head of The Coalition today in reply to a Tweet.

So there you have it, the multiplayer element of the game will feature the anticipated 1080p/60FPS but don’t expect it to come in single player. As you can see, this is because there is a focus in trying to make the game look as good as possible graphically while keeping a steady framerate that won’t hinder the game-playing experience.

While this may disappoint many, it also doesn’t mean that the game won’t be 1080p, it could be just the framerate that is limited. Even if the resolution is lowered though, is it not the quality of the graphics themselves that we want to look good?

We’ll have to see what the final results are when the game is released, though many people who have tried the game do seem to be happy with what they’ve seen. There will be many comparisons between previous games though, so developers The Coalition have to make sure they deliver.

The fact that they don’t mind confirming that they are restricting resolution and frame rate does show a confidence in the product that they are providing. Maybe they hope that the multiplayer will keep those wanting 1080p/60FPS happy, which is doubtful.

Are you happy with restrictions like this if they improve the quality of the game? Let us know your thoughts below.