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Destiny The Taken King Makes Changes to Some Exotic Weapons From Year One

Bungie recently discussed the exotic weapon blueprint for The Taken King and something interesting came to light. As it turns out, Year One weapons are still hanging out it Destiny.

However, Bungie has introduced new designs for Year One exotic weapons. One example is the Suros Regime which now has a grey and red color scheme.

Executive producer Mark Noseworthy, senior design lead Tyson Green, and community manager David “DeeJ” Dague, spoke about old exotic weapons and said that some of them will have new perks from the get go. On top of that, some new abilities are going to be available for select weapons.

Players will use legendary marks on weapons to upgrades, but not every Year One weapon can be upgraded. Also, damage stats for some exotic weapons are readjusted, mostly toned-down.

Destiny The Taken King is a premium expansion which is said to be twice the size of The Dark Below. The Taken King will release on September 15 and will cost players $40. Plenty of new content is being added including new weapons, missions, Raids etch.

Are you planning on buying The Taken King? Let us know what you think about Bungie’s approach to expansions, in the comments.