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Star Wars Battlefront May be Revealing a New Hero or Villain Soon

On a new Twitter post EA have asked fans who they would like to see next in Star Wars Battlefront. Teasing another reveal, who do you want next?

This kind of reveal has been teased before and while the Millenium Falcon did play a part in Gamescom 2015 footage a character like Han Solo has not been confirmed yet. With a promise of more of these Heroes and Villians to come though, chances are that Solo could be one of them.

Looking at the characters people on Twitter would like to see, there are plenty of interesting choices. Ranging from Starkiller from Force Unleashed to Emperor Palpatine these are all interesting choices. The Star Wars Universe is vast enough to provide many options to choose from.

Obi Wan Kenobi is another obvious choice, as is Princess Leia, not forgetting Yoda and Chewbacca too. Extending to the prequels, I’m sure that Darth Maul would be an interesting choice as would Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu. I doubt anybody would want to see the return of Jaja Binks though.

What all these ideas prove though is that there are many characters to choose from, and that is before we even look to the new movie and the characters that are coming in that movie too.

Who would you like to see added to the Heroes and Villains in Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know your thoughts below.