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Sony Reveal Playstation 4 Upcoming System Software Beta Trial, Sign Up Now

Sony have revealed that they are to let Playstation 4 owners have early access to the latest firmware updates. The Upcoming System Software Beta Trial can be joined easily by simply enrolling for it on the website.

If you are successful and given access to the beta firmware, it is important to realise that this does come with risks. Sony have made it possible though to rollback if anything goes wrong. If selected, Sony say that you will be emailed a voucher code that can be used to get access to the firmware. The email will have all the details of when this will be.

If you do get access, don’t be surprised if Sony get in contact for feeback on the release, as this is the point of such early access schemes. You’ll get to try out the functionality early, which may also lead to you finding some bugs that can hinder the functionality of your console.

Xbox One owners are no stranger to schemes like this. People who have signed up to the Microsoft Preview Program get early access to Xbox One updates. Right now this includes functionality such as the Backwards Compatibility. Obviously, Playstation 4 owners will be looking to have similar access to previews of up and coming updates, and get to see what is coming next to the console.

As with the Microsoft Preview Program there will be a risk when getting access to the new firmware for the Playstation 4, so always be aware of the risks you take when getting early access to such software. While companies like Microsoft and Sony do their best to make sure beta versions won’t break your console, there is always that risk that it could happen.

Are you going to sign up to the Playstation 4 Upcoming System Software Beta Trial? Let us know your thoughts below.