Nvidia Adds Co-op Play to GeForce Experience PC Software

Nvidia is updating their GeForce Experience software to allow players to stream their games onto another PC over the internet and also play cooperatively with them over a single game copy.

The feature is being dubbed GameStream Co-op, and comes as a part of the beta release of GeForce Experience.

GameStream Co-op is the GPU manufacturing giant’s alternate to Sony’s Share Play feature on the PlayStation 4, and targets PC gaming in general. It allows three modes to be utilized.

The first mode allows a friend to observe your game as you stream it onto his/her PC. The second mode mirrors the controls of the host PC on the PC being streamed on. The third, which is probably the best feature, is allowing co-op play between the two PCs, without the guest PC requiring a copy of the game installed on the machine.

Unlike Nvidia’s conventional GameStream service though, GameStream Co-op will only be limited to 720p resolution and 60 frame-rates. Streaming is only compatible with Google’s Chrome browser through a plugin.

Nvidia has catered to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre specifically with GameStream Co-op service. The firm has added a special optimization mode for games of this genre that will aim to boost your frame-rates from the normally capped 60fps to up to 120fps, which Nvidia suggests is to enhance responsiveness during competitive play.

You can download GeForce Experience and get additional details on the software from Nvidia’s official website.