New Team Fortress 2 Mode, Pass Time, is FIFA 16 Inspired – Literally

When we have a game that is known for experimentation with mods like Team Fortress 2 is, you get all sorts of interesting stuff coming out even from the developers. For instance this new game mode called Pass Time that seems inspired by FIFA 16.

It is an impressive mix of first person shooter mechanics mashed with sports mechanics employed by football.

Developed by J.J. Abram’s studio Bad Robot in partnership with Escalation Studios, the new Team Fortress 2 mode pits two teams against each other and introduces a ball which is to be carried in order to score goals.

The team scoring the maximum number of goals in Pass Time wins.

However, it isn’t as simple as that; when you don’t possess the ball you get your weapon back which you can use to take back charge of the game. Parallel to this, the holder of the ball gets better vision, health, speed and also improvements to vulnerability.

The video above is demonstrating how Team Fortress 2 Pass Time plays out in the game. Check it out and tell us if you like the idea but keep in mind that it is still in the beta phase and is expected to be buggy.