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League of Legends Developers Start Their Own Tech Blog, Riot games Engineering

We have got you a new place to be if you’re a tech savvy geek and you love Riot Games for League of Legends. The development studio responsible for the MOBA has now started a technology blog of their own called Riot Games Engineering.

So what is the reason behind Riot Games starting a technology blog of their own, you might ask. Well, acording to the developers at Riot, they want to take you along for the journey when they develop new technologies and so on.

I’m excited to introduce Riot’s new tech blog where we’ll discuss engineering topics along the breadth of these challenges. League of Legends players have given us the awesome opportunity to tackle these problems, and we’ve learned a ton that we’d like to discuss. Our goal is to share with you, the engineering community, our journey developing technology while we learn from your questions and comments.

I am really looking forward to what the League of Legends developers have in store for us and interestingly, they have already started publishing stories. You might want to check out what they are talking about.

However, if you are looking for a reason why you should really be listening to what they are saying, you might be moved by how they identify themselves:

We’re not engineers who just happen to be gamers, nor are we gamers who just happen to be engineers. These are fundamental to our identity and we embrace them both.

GG Riot Games!