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Latest Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Warrior Elite Specialisation is Berserker

ArenaNet have been unveiling some of the features that are coming to Guild Wars 2 with Heart of Thorns. Gaming website Zam were able to reveal that one of the new Warrior Elite Specialisations will be The Berserker.

The Beserker is all about tapping into the primal bloodlust of the Warrior, and will be the new profession specific mechanic available with the Berserker elite spec. Another major change when the Warrior goes beserk is the Primal Bust skills which Zam describe as:

“The Burst Skills – default as F1—are dependent on the weapon the Warrior is using in their main-hand and every burst skill will have a new primal version available while going berserk. To complement the lower adrenaline bar, these primal burst skills will have lower recharge times compared to their non-berserk counterparts allowing them to be used much more”

While revealing the Berserker they also got to interview ArenaNet Game Designer Robert Gee.

On how going Berserk works, he said:

“It’s a skill with a duration and a cooldown that cannot be activated unless you have full adrenaline. Once activated it cannot be cancelled and the player will continue going berserk for its duration. For this skill we wanted to emphasize the rage and loss of control that comes with the idea of being a Berserker.”

On the Rage Skills made available to the Berserker:

“Rage skills don’t necessarily represent feats of strength so much as the ability to surpass one’s physical and mental limits to achieve something they could not accomplish otherwise.”

Be sure to read more of the interview on Zam, as it goes into more detail about what the Berserker specialisation allows the Warrior to do. This sound like a fun Warrior Elite Specialisation to choose.

Is the Berserker a specialisation that you’ll consider using in Guild Wars 2? Let us know your thoughts below.