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Konami Launches Game Survey, Wants to Know Which Franchise You Want Back

Konami has been a source of quite a lot of news lately, but most of it has been for the wrong reasons. The once highly established company has somewhat fallen from grace in the past couple of years, especially following the disagreements with legendary game producer Hideo Kojima.

Currently, they’re on a path to redemption, or at least so it seems, with an interesting survey (called Konami Heritage Games Survey) that hints at the firm looking to bring one of their older, more well-known games back in a remake.

The survey asks players about their older franchises, firstly inquiring which ones you are aware of from a list of older series like Castlevania and Sunset Riders. It then asks whether you’ve played them in the past, and how you’d rate them. Finally, it asks the central question: if you would be interested in a new launched version of the game, and on which console.

Konami has previously conducted such a survey for inquiring about a possible sequel to Metal Gear Rising, but apparently that didn’t go too well.

The survey is a good way for fans to raise their voices and demand for classic masterpieces such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to reemerge on modern consoles. Of course, there’s no certainty that this survey would influence Konami’s future decisions.