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Homefront The Revolution will be Playable at EGX Starting Sept 24

Deep Silver Dambuster Studios’ open world shooter Homefront The Revolution has been official since June 2014; you would think it should be worthy of a playable demo now, and so do the developers. The game is going to be playable at EGX 2015!

The developers are going to show a “scene-setting” video to those of you who are attending the event and then start a playable demo that will last for 20 minutes.

Homefront The Revolution throws players into an alternate near future dystopia, where a humanitarian crisis has brought the USA to its knees under the brutal military control of a globally dominant Korean corporation. Surveillance drones, armoured patrols and police violence have become every-day life in Philadelphia, the once proud birthplace of American independence. However, in the ruined outskirts of the city, resistance is getting stronger…

When you are done fighting against the Koreans in the demo to save the USA from its doom, developers will also let you in on some additional information through a Developer Session which is going to be held on September 25.

As far as the playable demo is concerned, the game is going to be available from September 24 to September 27.

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