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Here’s a Detailed Look at the Forza 6 Mods Feature

Turn 10 will be introducing Mods to Forza Motorsport 6. While this news has been on the surface for a while now, they studio for the first time revealed details of how they plan to use the mods.

According to the studio, Forza 6 will feature mods that work in a similar manner to Skulls in the Halo series of games. You’ll be able to use these modifiers to affect your races by adding additional challenges, altering the way the car handles, or offering additional bonuses towards the end of a race.

First, Mods are game modifiers, similar to perks in Forza Horizon 2 or Skulls in Halo 4, that you can unlock as you play in Forza Motorsport 6. Mods can only be used in either Career or in Free Play modes – players cannot use Mods in multiplayer or Leagues races or in Rivals events. Mod packs can be won as part of the Prize spinner (described above) or purchased for in-game credits. Different Mods affect your race in different ways.

Mods in Forza 6 will be categorized into three types: Dare, Crew, and Boost.

  • Dare Mods will add specific mechanics into the game to make it more challenging, such as manual transmission with a clutch, starting you on the 24th Grid Position, or severely decreasing the power output of your car
  • Crew Mods will give players specific performance advantages in a race, such as decreasing weight of the car and improving breaks
  • Boost Mods will give players specific bonuses for performing well in race, such as earning extra credits for drifts, credits for no collisions, and more.

Forza 6 will be released exclusively for the Xbox One on September 15 this year.