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Final Fantasy XV: King Regis Design Change, Magic and Luna

First things first, Hajime Tabata wants you to know that you will not have to wait for 2017 in order to play Final Fantasy XV. However, there is a lot more that he has shared recently.

For instance, you would know that the girl being shown in screenshots and videos had been mistaken for Stella by some whereas it is not Stella but Luna. Now the question arises, what happens to all the magic and powers of Stella?

Stating that “as long it doesn’t suit to the game perfectly, it shouldn’t be in the game,” Tabata explained that you are going to make do without Stella’s trademark abilities.

Of course the aforementioned is actually an outcome of the decision to replace Stella with Luna; but the developers of Final Fantasy XV showed us a character that looked very familiar to it. The reason behind that, in words of Tabata is:

We had the impression, that we need to be careful on this issue, and wanted to show, that there a good reason exists, although normally one would do changes like a normal routine. I think in the Witcher 3, the characters also have drastically been changed during development. Stella was so popular back then, hence we needed to share you the information as friendly as possible. It wasn’t like we had the feeling, that we have made something wrong with the game – it was something that needed to be done.

last but not the least, he added that the design changes made to King Regis are not just because the last one did not suit Final Fantasy XV, there is some unknown yet good reason behind it and “it’s a huge spoiler for the rest of the game, so we can’t tell you yet what’s it all about.”