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Digimon World: Next Order Will Feature a Female Protagonist

An interesting piece of information has been shared about Digimon World: Next Order in the V-Jump magazine. According to an image from the magazine posted online, we are going to see a female protagonist named Shiki.

Based on the image you see below, it’s hard to understand what the magazine wrote about the character. However, what we can understand is that players will have the option to select Shiki as a playable character in the game.

You can see a picture of Shiki alongside Biyomon:

Digimon World New Order

If you take a look at the left page, you’ll see Kouta Hirose, who is a third-year high-school classmate. The character is standing next to Digimon, Guilmon.

According to previously revealed details, Kouta has a kind personality and is a good friend to Digimon. From the looks of it, Digimon will be able to express a number of emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness etc.

So far, Digimon World: New Order looks great and players who wish to play the title, would have to wait till 2016 for its release. Digimon world will hit the market for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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