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Bungie Confirm Lots of Details About Destiny: The Taken King

Today Bungie held a live stream on Twitch to reveal new details about Destiny: The Taken King. With lots of details being revealed, a helpful Reddit page was created to hold them all in one place.

Here are some highlights of the live stream:

  • Light Level is an average of Attack and Defence across all equipped items (including Ghost Shells)
  • The new Quest Tab can hold up to 32 in total.
  • There will be a new Spark of Light consumable. This will boost you up to level 25 which is the minimum level for The Taken King.
  • Class Items are no longer vanity items, they make the character more powerful
  • Ghosts specialise in collecting resources and searching them out.
  • Rep from the first year of Destiny will be carried forward into year 2.
  • Allegiance to a faction can only be changed once a week.
  • There will be weekly Crucible Bounties. If you take part in all five weekly bounties you get a Nightfall Tier Reward.
  • Exotic Blueprints help you regain anything that has been lost or sharded that is needed to complete the item.
  • Some year 1 exotics can be upgraded to year 2. These will cost legendary marks.
  • Exotic perks are unlocked straight away.
  • Attack values on year 1 weapons have been rebalanced.
  • New weapons can be field-tested.
  • Vault Space has been increased. Armour, Weapons and Consumables have 72 slots each with two pages per category.

A lot that was revealed in this live stream have confirmed a lot of the things that were rumoured to be coming with The Taken King. So while there may not be many major surprises, a lot of the details will be well recieved. Be sure to check the Reddit page for more details about the new additions.

Are you looking forward to Destiny: The Taken King? Let us know your thoughts below.