Aquanox: Deep Descent Returns, Kickstarter Page Goes Live

Digital Arrow and Nordic have started a new Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a reimagined version of Aquanox dubbed Aquanox: Deep Descent.

Being developed using Unreal Engine 4, the studio is looking to reach a goal of $75,000 USD followed by stretch goals which will be voted by the existing backers. As of writing this article, 459 backers has funded $19,063 USD with 22 days at hand. Some f the salient features of Aquanox: Deep Descent include:

  • Fight – Action-packed vehicle shooter combat that supports a wide variety of play styles
  • Co-op – 4 player drop-in co-op, with four unique pilots who are all involved in the game story
  • Customize – Create your ship from a range of ship pieces and various customization
  • Explore – Discover the deepest corners of the ocean
  • RPG Elements – Mining, salvaging, trading and looting
  • PVP – Classic multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Dogfighting

Re-imagine Aquanox with us! Pilot customized fighter ships, explore a deep sea dystopia torn by the struggle for resources & survival!

For more information on Aquanox: Deep Descent; you can check out the official Kickstarter Page.