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The Witcher 3 – Here’s What Will and Won’t Carry Over to New Game+

The Witcher 3 is getting a new feature in the form of New Game+ following its absolutely massive 1.08 update.

Thankfully, most of the content related to the New Game+ was already covered in patch 1.08, so the current update being rolled out is only 9.5mb in size.

Many folks have actually wondered what will carry over to the New Game+ from your original game and what won’t, and we’ve got an idea or two about that.

What Will Carry Over to NG+

  • All player experience, including level. If your level is below 30, it will be automatically increased
  • Inventory equipment, including Witcher gear equipment and sets
  • All stash items that are not in the ‘What Won’t Carry Over to NG+’ list
  • Alchemy crafting material
  • Alchemy recipes
  • Crafting Schematics
  • Money

What Won’t Carry Over to NG+

  • Consumables (Foods, Drinks etc.)
  • Letters and Books
  • Monster Trophies
  • Quest related items
  • Gwent cards (including purchased ones)
  • Difficulty level – you will be able to reselect your desired difficulty
  • Map discoveries such as waypoints, sign-posts, and other specific locations

The New Game+ feature for The Witcher 3 is the final free expansion for the game. Newer expansions will also be available, but unlike the previous The Witcher games they will be paid DLCs. These future expansions promise to add another 10 hours of gameplay, with new quests, new areas, and new gear for Geralt to use.