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Silent Hills, P.T. Inspired Allison Road to Get Kickstarter Campaign Soon

When P.T. came out it impressed a number of horror fans although it was just a playable teaser for Silent Hills. However, both of the aforementioned are no more so why not support a fan project that is inspired by the same i.e. Allison Road?

This is a horror game that borrows from P.T. as well as Silent Hills and is being regarded as a potential spiritual successor to the two.

It is being developed by Lilith, a team of six developers who were lauded for the alpha footage of Allison Road that they released back in July.

Now, it seems the support they got from the community is going to be turned up a notch. The developers have announced that they will launch a Kickstarter campaign so that it can be turned into the best game:

To make Allison Road the best game it can be, we need your support. Kickstarter coming soon with some cool perks!

However, before you come to any conclusions let me tell you that the game looks like it is going to be a PC title primarily and the more love you give to it with Kickstarter the more chances you will have of getting ports for consoles.

The Kickstarter campaign for Allison Road has been promised in a couple of weeks. Are you going to support the game that is trying to carry the torch for something that couldn’t be?