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Rock Band 4 Adds Legendary Van Halen To Their Artists List

Harmonix has revealed that they will be including the infamous band Van Halen in their ever-growing list of  artists for the music game Rock Band 4.

The song shown in the trailer is the classic Panama, one of the more recognizable tracks which was recorded during the earlier David Lee Roth years of the band.

Panama will be marking the first time Van Halen appears in the Rock Band series of music games. However, this is only one of several tracks, as in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly it was confirmed that more Van Halen tracks would be added into the shuffle in the form of post-release DLC.

Despite making its appearance for the first time in the series, this isn’t the first time Harmonix has used a Valen Halen track, as he band’s cover of You Really Got Me is also featured in Guitar Hero II.

Rock Band 4 will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 6 this year.