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Report: Creator of Far Cry 2 Clint Hocking has Left Amazon Game Studios

Clint Hocking, Creative Director of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory has reportedly left Amazon Game Studios. He was a Senior Game Designer at Amazon.

Hocking also worked as a Level Designer at Valve in Seattle for one and a half year before former Valve Lead Kim Swift and Hocking joined Amazon’s development team. In addition to Valve, Ubisoft, and Amazon, Hocking also worked for 2 years as Creative Director at LucasArts.

We are unable to verify the report as of this instant, but Hocking’s personal blog and LinkedIn profile make no mention of his departure from Amazon Game Studios.

It remains unclear as to why Hocking decided to leave Amazon and what his future plans are going to be. Maybe Hocking decided that mobile gaming was not his cup of tea and wanted to get back on developing games for PC and consoles, though we did hear that Amazon was looking to hire someone for an ambitious PC project.

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Source: IGN.