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New Dark Souls 3 Video Looks at the New Gameplay Mechanics

Gamespot have released a video which show some of the new game mechanics for Dark Souls 3. With some new features added, Dark Souls 3 now seems to it also looks back to the first game to bring back elements that were wrongly removed for the second game.

In the demo that the video is based on, they were able to select the Wandering Knight or the Northern Warrior. This led to different weapons being available, the Knight has a sword, and the Northern Warrior wields dual axes.

Impressively the narrator says that the fighting feels “Dark Souls” and not “Bloodborne” which may have been something that some fans were worried about. The Dark Souls kick is also back for those who may have missed it, as well as the “Praise the Sun” gesture, for those who wondered.

When in battle, enemies can change their stance too. Some of the knights you do battle with can change from one-handed sword, with shield, to two-handed sword stances. Dodging is also a technique that can’t be relied on all the time as the enemies tend to use a sweeping attack. Dodging tends to leave you open to attack because of this.

There are plenty of other details in the video so be sure to watch it, I’m sure any worries you had about the game will be put at ease with the narrator’s comparisons to the older Dark Souls game, which is obviously what we want to see.

Now there seems to be a focus on bringing back what was so loved by fans of the original, and removing what Dark Souls 2 changed for the worst.

What this new video seems to insinuate is that Dark Souls 3 is going back to what was great about the games, which is obviously what we want to hear.

Did you like what you saw in the video? Let us know your thoughts below.