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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Narrative Director Discusses Writing Faith’s Character

Christofer Emgård, the Narrative Director for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been revealing his writing process for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. His insight not only into the game, but also to Exordium a prequel comic that reveals details about Faith’s character.

On her eye tattoo and reluctance to use weapons:

“Yes, her eye tattoo is there for a reason, and there’s a reason why she shuns firearms, and why she is a runner, risking her life every day on the rooftops of Glass. Figuring out these reasons, and how to weave them into our narrative is what I’ve spent the last two years working on. Faith is not my creation, I sincerely wish she was, but that accolade goes to those who came before. I’m merely a humble custodian, and perhaps a nurturer, expanding on and evolving what was already there.”

The original writer for Mirror’s Edge was Rhianna Pratchett, who also worked on a comic series about the original series.

On who Faith is in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:

“Faith is no superhero, and there was no prophecy heralding her arrival. In some ways she could be any one of us, had we been forced to endure what she has, and in others she is much more; an extreme sports practitioner who makes the impossible look easy, and someone who has the moral courage to take a stand against overwhelming oppression, corruption and injustice.”

On his new comic Exordium which leads up to the events in the film:

“Writing the Exordium comic and seeing it realized by the DICE internal and external artists has been insanely rewarding. It tells the story of how Faith ends up in juvie, and some characters appear in both Exordium and Catalyst. You don’t have to read the comic to understand the game, or vice versa, but I like to think that they strengthen one another and form a complete narrative of Faith’s coming of age and how she transforms from a troubled young woman into a spark that might ignite a revolution, a catalyst for change.”

Hopefully the Faith we see in the game is one we can recognise as the person in the Mirror’s Edge. This may be a younger version of her, but still should be recognisable even in her youth.

Are you confident that Christofer Emgård can get Faith right? Let us know your thoughts below.