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Is ReCore Coming to Windows 10? This May Confirm It Is

While it was believed that ReCore was an Xbox One Exclusive, has Game Designer Bobby Pavlock revealed that it is in fact coming to Windows 10 too? As he is working at Armature Studios as Senior/Principle Designer, he would be one of the people you would expect to know.

If you look on Pavlock’s own site you’ll see that the first game he mentions is ReCore is the first game mentioned on his portfolio. The important thing to notice is the platform for the game, which says Xbox One and PC. To further show this to be the case the description of the game is as follows:

“ReCore is an upcoming 3rd-person action adventure game being developed in partnership with Keiji Inafune, exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10.  In ReCore, you play one of the last surviving humans and team up with a variety of robot companions to travel through a hostile and mysterious world.  Having just been announced, I am not at liberty to post any more details about the game just yet, but Microsoft has big plans for the game and the IP over the coming year.”

As you can see this clearly states that the game is exclusive not only to Xbox One, but also Windows 10. While this may not be “official” confirmation, as he is Principle Designer though I’m sure we can trust him to have the knowledge on if this is to be released on the PC or not. Whether Microsoft wanted this to be revealed just yet is another matter.

I’m sure we’ll either get confirmation of this soon enough, or Microsoft will make a statement saying this was a mistake. I feel with this one though, this may just be the confirmation we needed to prove that PC will be getting ReCore.

Until we know for sure though, nothing is official.

Do you think this confirms ReCore is coming to the PC? Let us know your thoughts below.