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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Get Three New Weapons and Royalty Variants V3

While those lucky to have beta access will no doubt be focusing on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare is still getting updates. On August 25 Xbox One will be getting three new weapons, as well as the Royal Variants V3.

The three new weapons coming to the game are AK47, M16, and CEL-3. The Royalty Variants include the MP11, SN6 AE4, and others.


The AK47 is returning to Call of Duty. A fan favourite, the fully automatic Assault Rifle is more efficient at medium range. Another tip is to fire in short bursts as this has a heavy recoil for the player. The base version of the weapon will be unlocked once you receive one of its five variants from a Supply Drop or Advanced Supply Drop.


Another gun making a return, the M16 offers more damage than the ARX-160 but has more of a delay between its three round bursts. A good long-range weapon, be sure to have a secondary weapon at the ready for close combat. Unlocks in a similar fashion to the AK47.


CEL-3 comes from the EXO-Zombies storyline and is now making its way to multiplayer. Fully automatic, this is an energy based shotgun that can be unlocked when one of the two variants are found in a Supply Drop or Advanced Supply Drop.

Royalty Variants V3

To continue the variant sets that have been released over the last few months, Variants V3 add range to the weapons. These will be available in Supply and Advanced Supply Drops.

As previous releases of weapons in the previous months, these are coming only to current consoles and PC with Xbox One getting them first on August 25.

Are you looking forward to using these weapons? Let us know your thoughts below.