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After 3 Years… We’re Still Waiting for Battle.Net ‘Appear Offline’ Feature

It has been almost three years since Blizzard Entertainment announced that they were planning an update to Battle.Net which would bring ‘Appear Offline’ option to the client.

Offline Mode in Battle.Net

Many a months came and went by and there is no hint of the said feature being implemented to Battle.Net. Back in March 2014, fans approached Josh Allen, World of Warcraft Community Manager, to ask whether the feature was scrapped or not; here is what Allen had to say:

Allen further added that since Battle.Net is cross-game, it requires all development teams plus BNet team and it is pretty rare that one of the teams does not have anything more important to do.

We ran into some severe technical and systemic hurdles that resulted in it being put on the back burner for now. Much bigger undertaking than you’d expect. BNet is cross-game. Requires all 5 dev teams + BNet team. Pretty rare that one of those teams doesn’t have something more important to be working on.

Blizzard may have ran into hurdles, but the question here is that is it something which still have not been figured out. And even if the feature is scrapped, I believe that the fans deserve to know about it.

Recently, fans have started BUMP-ing the old threads on various forums and Battle.Net. Here is to hoping that Blizzard will come to a solution or at least issue some sort of statement.

Offline Mode in Battle.Net #1

Offline Mode in Battle.Net #2

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