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Sony Discusses Its Role in the Development of Shenmue 3

Despite getting more than the required amount of financial backing for development, there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Shenmue 3 and how it was revealed during Sony’s presentation at the E3 conference.

Eventually, the director of the production of third party publishers and developer relations at Sony, Gio Corsi, somewhat admitted that Sony had indeed also played a role backing the game. This led to many fans and backers being unhappy with the lack of transparency with which the Kickstarter funding plea began.

Recently, GameSpot spoke to Corsi once again regarding the matter, in which he clarified the role Sony played in reigniting the famous series from Yu Suzuki.

According to Corsi, Sony will be responsible for aiding Shenmue at the production level – they will carrying out milestone reviews (reviewing and testing the game at specific stages of development), helping in marketing and public/press relations (which they seemed to have already done), and aiding in the marketing of physical and digital versions of the retail game.

Although having previously hinted at Sony have financially funded Shenmue 3 development, Corsi did not mention any such thing this time around.

Shenmue 3 is quite far away from release, as it just completed its Kickstarter funding campaign towards the end of last month. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC in December 2017.