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Scalebound’s Original Concept Involved Dinosaurs In Place of Dragons

The original concept of Scalebound involved dinosaurs instead of dragons, Platinum Games co-founder has confided.

Speaking with Metro; Hideki Kamiya said that Scalebound’s original concept was about two large creatures battling each other. However, he wanted players to be involved in some other way rather just watching the battle between a couple of creatures.

After working on Bayonetta, Kamiya came up with a prototype of the game, but he did not say as to why he decided to include dragons in place of dinosaurs. Maybe because dragons are a whole lot cooler than dinosaurs, but who knows?

According to him, he always wanted to do something related to fantasy and dragons, but could not find a publishing partner until Microsoft showed interest. Kamiya also said that he is grateful to Microsoft for helping out in creating a large game as Scalebound.
Coming exclusively on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Scalebound is scheduled to release sometime in 2016.

In related Scalebound news; Xbox Store recently listed the game’s local multiplayer mode. With no official confirmation at hand, we cannot say whether it is a mistake or something concrete. For more information, head over to the post!

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