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PS4 CUH-12xx Model Goes On Sale At Amazon

PlayStation 4 model CUH-12xx is now available on Amazon.De for EUR 379.65. The new model was released in Japan little over a month ago.

At the time of this writing, similar listings weren’t available in North America. However, it shouldn’t be long before the new model becomes available on Amazon and other retailers across the board.

Also, since this is an Amazon listing it could very well be a mistake and might be removed soon, as they might have possibly listed it a bit early.

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 model features new GDDR5 memory configuration with a smaller motherboard. Previous models featured 16 memory modules, while the new model only features eight.

Less memory modules make it more energy efficient.

There is also a new Blue-Ray drive design, a new HDMI controller, and a new power supply, which makes the console 80g lighter than the previous one with a lower energy output.

Moreover, the new model has a quieter fan which is surely great news as the current model is a noisy beast.

If you wish to buy the new model separately, just wait a short while as it becomes available widely. However, you can also pick it up as part of a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain bundle, which is already available.

Check back for more details on the story.