Mass Effect Andromeda on Wii U Not Happening but Asari Dancers Might

Okay this is interesting, it appears that even the chances of getting Asari dancers in Mass Effect Andromeda is higher than the chances of us getting a Nintendo Wii U version of the game.

Michael Gamble, the game producer at Bioware answered a couple of fan questions over at his Twitter profile recently and while he did not offload tons of details he did confirm a thing or two.

For instance, when he was asked whether it was clear that Mass Effect Andromeda is going to get a Wii U version or not, Gamble simply replied that the game is going to come out on next generation consoles and PC only.

Naturally, by “next generation” he means Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which in reality are the “current generation” now.

Any how, we know what he meant.

On a lighter note, someone expressed their wishes of being able to see Asari dancers in Mass Effect Andromeda adding that they knew it was probably not going to happen.

Michael Gamble on the other hand responded to this with the classic “never say never.” Of course we are taking it all as a joke, but that would be a good idea.

Last but not the least, he seems pretty confident in the armor system that they have developed for the game because Gamble boasted that “I think the armor system we have is even better than the previous ones.”

Are you excited about Mass Effect Andromeda?