Just Dance: Disney Party 2 Listed By Amazon For Consoles

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 has been listed by Amazon Spain for Wii U and Wii. The listing indicates that the game is getting a sequel but as you know, Amazon isn’t the most reliable of sources in such matters.

The game is also listed for Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, there is no mention of a PlayStation version so far, which isn’t a surprise as the first game wasn’t released for PlayStation as well. The Wii U version is listed for EUR 26.56, Wii for 26.41, Xbox 360 for 26.41 and Xbox One for 37.38.

The release date for the game is listed as October 22, however, Ubisoft is yet to say a word regarding the game. We’ll let you know as soon an official statement is made.

The first title was released back in 2012 for Xbox 360 and Wii. It’s surprising that Amazon has listed the game for Wii as well, the console in an outdated piece of hardware but owners will surely be happy to see that games are still being made for it.

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