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Fallout Shelter Save Data Bug and How to Get Refunds

Very recently we have seen Fallout Shelter fans complaining about a save data corruption bug that has been plaguing their game on both Android and iOS.

The issue seems to be much more widespread than what we originally thought of it as the number of complainants is increasing quickly.

For example, one of the users says that he was trying to send out a dweller to the wasteland and as soon as he dropped him out of the vault, a raider attack started. The two things being done at the same time crashed the game. The poor guy says that the save file has not loaded again ever since the crash.

Some of the fans are reporting that they were unable to quit the game past the main menu screen for a long time. Finally when they were able to get out of the game, the save file data had been corrupted and reduced to 0KB.

The guy in question had purchased numerous lunch boxes that have all gone to waste.

Another guy tried to remove a dead dweller from the wasteland but the moment he tried to do so, his game crashed and that specific save file has not loaded after that causing him to lose as many as 160 dwellers.

However, we do have a good news for the Android users; you guys can claim a refund by visiting this link if you have faced similar problems and following these steps:

  1. Click the icon on the right of the affected item
  2. Click “Report a problem”
  3. Choose the last option in the drop down
  4. Describe the save game corruption bug and that you want a refund
  5. Submit

Nothing like that has come up for iOS users, but correct us if we are wrong.