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Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Patch 1.06 in Preparation for New DLC

Ahead of the new DLC releases for Batman: Arkham Knight, an update has been released to Xbox One and Playstation 4. Update 1.06 is a relatively small update at 300MB it doesn’t add anything visually, but prepares the game for more updates to come.

In the update history for the game, the changes are listed as:

  • Updates for WBPlay and Downloadable Content.

The upcoming DLC, which is either part of the Season Pass or can be purchased individually are:

  • 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack – Battle through the streets of Gotham City with this pack that includes the Batman skin and Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film, as well as two tracks inspired by the Film’s sequel.
  • The Batman-family Skins Pack – Included in this pack are six character skins based on the alternative timelines – 1990s Catwoman, One Year Later Robin, Arkham Origins Batman, Iconic Grey & Black Batman, 1970s Batman and the Original Arkham Nightwing.

As you can see from the video I’ve included, we get a sneak peek at the two pieces of downloadable content. The most interesting is the 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack as it features enough gameplay to not only see the Batmobile itself but also the tracks it will be racing on.

Particularly interesting is the footage of the track including the penguins, as this is based upon Batman Returns. When it was revealed that this film would be part of the pack, I did wonder just what we would see. To see the penguins on the track and in the background shows the level of detail they’ve gone for in the game, and it does have the recognisable style of Batman Returns.

With the DLC due this month, this update is obviously preparing the game for the release. No news on when the PC version of the game will be getting this release, but they’ll have to fix that version first.

Have you updated Batman: Arkham Knight yet? Are you looking forward to the DLC? Let us know your thoughts below.