68-Year Old Destiny Player Calls Son to Buy Him Gjallarhorn

There’s been a lot of excitement over the weekend after it was revealed that Xur was selling Gjallarhorn in Destiny. It seemed that everybody wanted to get their chance to purchase the weapon.

For some players though they didn’t have access to their console when the gun was available. They resorted to contacting people who they knew could get access and buy the gun for them. One of these people happened to be a 68-year old player who messaged his non-game playing son to ask him to do the purchase for him.

What feels special about the story is normally the situation would be reversed and we would be amused with an older relative struggling to try to work a console game. This time the older person is the gamer, you can see in the image below the interesting conversion between the two:


image source: imgur

As the rest was obviously over the phone this will probably have been quite an interesting conversation between the two. Especially trying to explain to the son where to find Xur, then how to purchase the gun.

We’ve all been in that kind of situation with games but it is always rather pleasing when you see an older person being a gamer like that. We are constantly fed the stereotypical views of what a gamer is, which can often be incorrect. To see an example of this is always something nice to see. I particularly like the way he words the request, having “special coins” to purchase the guns with. You can just imagine what the son was thinking. Gamers can be any age, and this is a perfect example just to emphasise that.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need a non-gamer friend to do something for you related to a game? Let us know your stories below.