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3DS Homebrew Hacker Will Release YouTube Exploit for Launching App

Renowned hacker and 3DS coder Jordan Rabet has revealed yet another trick to launch his Homebrew launcher on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console.

Rabet revealed on Twitter today a new method to launch his controversial application, this time through the console’s own native YouTube application.

This new method to release Homebrew comes just days after Nintendo pulled the title Ironfall: Invasion from their eShop, which Rabet had been previously using to launch his Homebrew app.

Before that, he had used Ubisoft’s little-known Cubic Ninja as the requirement to launch his software.

Nintendo has taken action against all his previous methods, and it is expected that in due time they will be updating the YouTube application with security measures that would prevent such exploitation.

Rabet has suggested that he will release this ‘Tubehax’ system very soon.

The Homebrew launcher is used for various purposes, and is somewhat similar to the iPhone ‘jailbreak’. It allows users to download unofficial 3DS software, which includes the coder’s own Portal remake called Aperture Science 3D.

It also allows users to create their own custom themes for their 3DS console, and to play games from any region. The most controversial aspect however is that it gives users the ability to play SNES games through an emulator for free instead of buying official versions from the eShop.

Despite the controversy surrounding Jordan Rabet and Nintendo’s swift security measurements to counter his Homebrew launcher, the coder himself has suggested he is not trying to encourage piracy. Instead, he hopes that his Homebrew launcher will encourage programmers to code for the 3DS handheld console.

Source: Eurogamer