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Need for Speed 2015 – Watch 15 Minutes of Awesome Drifting and Customization

It’s time for some intense, crazy, thrilling drifting with Need for Speed, as YouTuber GTA Wise Guy shared a 15 minute footage of some pretty awesome racing in the upcoming racing simulator from EA.

It’s not all just about the drifting on the dimly lit roads though – there’s a good look at the huge amount of customizations one can carry out in the game, including tweaks that would allow players to drift with more control and longer durations.

This year’s reboot of the Need for Speed franchise takes inspiration from the series’ mightily successful Underground set of games, with special emphasis on street racing. Powered by the illustrious Frosbite 3 engine from the folks at DICE, the visuals are nothing short of extraordinary, with focus on detail making the entire atmosphere very believable.

Need for Speed (2015) is set to be released on November 3 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.