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New Mad Max Gameplay Video Gives you Destructive Choices

With a release date of September 1, it is fair to say that Mad Max has some tough to beat. To do this it has to make an impact with gamers and show them something a little special.

In the latest video that has been released we see Max in vehicular combat against other vehicles, and attacking strongholds. The video gives the viewer a choice of how Max should attack the different opponents. With choices such as “Get Creative”, “Up Close and Personal”, and “Go Mad” we see the variety of attacks that Max can make.

Interestingly too we see companion Chumbucket riding on the back of Max’s car. Working as a narrator for the action he also works as a co-pilot and gunner helping Max create as much violence as possible.

From the gameplay we can see in the video, it is obvious the game has taken some inspiration from Criterion’s Burnout games. Especially the way he takes out his opponents using his vehicle. There is also a feel of Borderlands in there too, which took a lot of inspiration from the Mad Max movies, especially Road Warrior.

What is most obvious about the game now is how it has been adapted to feel more like the latest movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. One of the choices in the video almost recreates the scene in which Max is chased into a huge dust storm while escaping the War Boys. Though not on the same scale in the game, it still should grab the attention of fans of the film.

While the gameplay footage in this video is impressive, is it enough to make the game a must buy on the day of release? It’s going to be up against Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which we all know is one of the biggest releases of the year.

Has Mad Max impressed you yet? Let us know your thoughts below.